Iron Kim™ Training Methods
Moving Meditation Lesson 1

What is Moving Meditation?

Moving Meditation techniques consist of:

The complete set contains 3 Lessons. Lesson 1 of the series, offered on this page, contains the following movements and techniques. 

As you gain experience and skill you can progress to Lesson 2 and then Lesson 3 which completes the series. While each individual lesson can help clear stress from both mind and body, the most benefit is attained from practicing all three lessons — the complete, balanced program. 

Movement Meditation
Lesson 1

“Shoulder Metronome” loosens the shoulders and promotes upper body circulation.

Movements Include...

Throw East and Bend West
Throw to East and Bend to West
Serve the Teacups
Serve the Teacups
Heaven and Earth Energy Ball
Heaven and Earth Energy Ball Sequence

Internationally Certified Instructors

Your Instructors for this course include a 6th Degree Black Belt National Instructor and a 5th Degree Black Belt Regional Head Instructor. Together, they have decades of experience in teaching Oom Yung Doe Martial Arts and Iron Kim Training Methods seminars to students of all ages and skill levels. 

Moving Meditation Series 1

Amazing Results

Moving Meditation Background & Principles

Moving meditation movements are time-proven Traditional Martial Arts techniques that are known to strengthen and balance one’s internal and external condition. Over the centuries Traditional Martial Arts Masters have dedicated their lives to discovering the fastest and safest ways to achieve mind, body, and spirit harmony to unlock and realize one’s full potential.

Moving meditation techniques help to open the Chi or energy channels of the body so your energy and circulation can move freely. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, blocked Chi flow is the root of all illness. By keeping your Chi flowing you can keep your body healthy and your mind clear.

The principle of Moving Meditation is to unify the mind and body. If the mind and body are in harmony and functioning properly, the resulting natural strength can prevent or eliminate most mental and physical illnesses. This principle has been proven through many centuries of research by Traditional Martial Arts Masters and validated by testimonials from thousands of practitioners.

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