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Moving Meditation Lesson 1

Quickly relieve tension, clear your mind, and increase energy circulation throughout your entire body.

Moving Meditation - Lesson 2

Moving Meditation Lesson 2

Continue gaining the benefits of Lesson 1 — increased energy, reduced stress, and an overall calmer demeanor. 

Moving Meditation Lesson 3

Moving Meditation Lesson 3

Extend the benefits of Lesson 2 — increased energy, reduced stress, and feel mentally calmer.

Courses, Bonus Movements and Other Information

Black Belt

The Path to Black Belt

Gives you a better understanding of how to achieve a Black Belt.
Deep Breathing Movements

Deep Breathing Movements

Deep breathing movements to reduce stress and increase immune system.
Back Movements

Lower Back Series

Learn a series of therapeutic movements to relieve tension and pain in the back.

Special Breathing Technique

Utilize pressure points in the body to increase oxygen intake.
Lower Body Foundation

Lower Body Strength

Simple but challenging movement to build leg strength and joint flexibility.

Chi Checking Movements

This sequence will help you develop, balance, and test your Chi.

Form, Movement, and Principles

Learn more about Traditional Martial Arts form, movement and principles.