Learning Center

Pu Chae

MLT Pu Chae 2

Pu Chae is a Chinese fan with a razor sharp edge. Movements of this weapon were developed based on principles of the wind.


MLT Bagwa Hyung

Bagua Hyung enables the practitioner to coil the body like a spring and then release that energy into an explosive and accurate strike.

Ship Sa Gae

MLT Ship Sa Gae

Ship Sa Gae is the empty hand foundation of Ship Pal Ga (18 Weapons) and will benefit all weapons practice.

Iron Kim Upper Body

Iron Kim Upper Body Strength

Streaming seminar opportunities taught by the Master Level Teaching team.

Breathing Points

Special Breathing Technique

Utilize pressure points in the body to increase oxygen intake.

Lower Body Foundation

Lower Body Movement

Simple but challenging movement to build leg strength and joint flexibility.

Testing Your Chi

Chi Testing Movement

This sequence will help you develop, balance, and test your Chi.

Deep Breathing Movements

Deep Breathing Movements

Deep breathing movements to reduce stress and increase immune system.

Back Movements

Lower Back Series

Learn a series of therapeutic movements to relieve tension and pain in the back.

Black Belt

The Path to Black Belt

Gives you a better understanding of how to achieve a Black Belt.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Learn about coaching opportunities and get a complimentary evaluation. 

Three Kicks

Three Basic Kicks

Learn three beginning level kicks to improve strength, flexibility, and agility.

Tai Chi Breathing 1

Tai Chi Breathing #1

Breathing form to help improve lung capacity and improve balance.

Tai Chi Chung

Tai Chi Chung 1-5

A form to develop internal strength, physical well-being, and overall health.

Kwu Yong Bope™

Kwu Yong Bope™ 1

A form to develop a foundation of strength and flexibility for more advanced forms.

Bagwa Walking and Switch 1

Bagwa Walking and Switch 1

Bagwa (Bagua, Pa Kua) Walking centers and balances Chi and increases internal strength.