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Traditional Moo Doe Virtual Tournament


The Team Tournament will be linked live here on Saturday, August 21, at 1pm EST / 10am PST

Saturday, August 21st, 10am PST | 1pm EST

Tournament team demonstration videos with judging results will stream in…


Oom Yung Doe will be hosting a team virtual tournament for all areas nationwide in August 2021. Teams in this Tournaments compete against each other to determine the best team demonstrations and abilities. Teams competing against teams is not a measure of the individual — it is a measure of team skill, effort, unity and pride. In addition to each team member increasing his or her own abilities,  practicing with a team focus gives an added dimension and challenge which furthers ones practice. 

Any state in the country can enter State and State All-Black-Belt Teams, where these teams are defined as:


Tiger Dragon

State Teams

The State Teams are made up of up to 5 selected individuals of ranks 4th Section through 2nd Degree Black Belt (e.g. 4th Section, 5th Section, 6th Section, 1st Degree, and 2nd Degree Black Belt) 

Tiger Dragon

State All-Black-Belt Teams

The State All Black Belt Teams are made up of up to 5 selected individuals of ranks 1st Degree through 5th Degree Black Belt (e.g. 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, 3rd  Degree, 4th Degree, and 5th Degree Black Belt) 


Team qualification and selection now underway.

April 30th — Final team member list submitted to Oom Yung Doe 

July 25th — Individual Component videos for each team member needs to be submitted to Oom Yung Doe in a format and naming convention used in the Virtual Tournament earlier this year. 

August 1st — Team Form Demonstration and Team Self Defense Demonstration videos need to be submitted. Submit two camera angles that best show the skill and ability demonstrated. At least one angle (and preferably both) should be filmed in 4K resolution.

August 21st — Live-stream of video demonstrations with tournament results. 

Team Entry Fee — $375/team (e.g. $75 per team member for a 5 person team)


Each entering team will be scored on two components — the Individual Component and the Team Component, as follows:

1. Individual Component

  • State Teams — Empty hand and weapon Chung Dan Hyungs. One demonstration per team member. 
  • State All-Black-Belt Teams — Empty hand and weapon Chung Jhoong Hyungs. One demonstration per team member.  NOTE: If a team member does not have a Chung Jhoong Hyung, he or she can demonstrate two Chung Dan Hyungs, which is the equivalent of a Chung Jhoong Hyung.

2. Team Component

  • A Team Self-defense Demonstration and a Team Form Demonstration. Scoring will be based on skill and ability, teamwork, and impact of the demonstration (e.g. those that see the demonstration should see what they can achieve). 
  • Team Self-defense demonstration timeframe (1-3 minutes)
  • Team Form Demonstration timeframe (3-5 minutes)


Teams in a given area will be formed based on the following criteria:

  • Skill and ability — for State All-Black-Belt Team members this is a function of prior State and Regional Tournament Medals. For State Team members, it is influenced by tournament medals but may include individuals who have not yet had an opportunity to compete in a State or Regional Tournament.
  • Teamwork characteristics — For example, can participants commit to the practice schedules and work well with others.
  • Moo Doe representation — For example, do team members exemplify characteristics of traditional martial artists, will the team’s demonstrations help educate others on the value and depth of Oom Yung Doe, and do the demonstrations show the strength of practice for individuals of various body types, ages, and conditions.
If you are interested in competing in the State Teams Competition Tournament, speak to your instructor. Slots are limited and the final teams will be determined by the Team Selection Panel, which is a group of higher belts, typically 5th Degree Regional Head Instructor and up, in each area.